Saturday, April 7, 2012

The 10mm Route

Okay, I know I said I would wait before beginning yet another new period. This stern resolve lasted up to the moment I wandered over to the Gentlemans' Wargames Parlour and came across mention of Pendraken, maker of 10mm figures and vehicles. One glance at the goodies on their website and I was hooked.

Pendraken offer ten figures, five cavalry or three artillery pieces for 1.20 GBP - around $1.90. Tanks and other vehicles aren't much more. All very economical, and it allows the build-up of large forces quickly. I did toy with this scale back in the day when the Grand Duchy of Hetzenberg was but a gleam in my eye. Seeing the ranges and quality that Pendraken and others produce makes me wish I'd chosen 10mm. I'd have had the entire army for both sides by now.

But, I digress. AVBCW has a lot of charm. As one player describes it, "It's like cricket with guns." In a week or two, I'll place a small order. A few ideas for VBCW forces based on my old home area are taking shape. Watch this space.


tradgardmastare said...

I have Pendraken fantasy figures bought for Middle Earth gaming. They are well cast and look splendid.

An excellent choice and welcome to the spiffing madness that is VBCW. Which faction will you commence with?

A J said...

Thanks for the review, Alan. The photos on Pendraken's website do look nice.

I'm inclining toward getting a small force fro two sides, maybe three. BUF (as the bad guys), Anglian League, and a local LDV, based on my old home area.


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