Thursday, March 1, 2012

AVBCW temptation

I do not need to start in on another gaming period. Seriously. However tempting. But the temptations are there, in several posts on various blogs and the Lead Adventurers' Forum.

One such is A Very British Civil War. Being English myself, and a total history buff to boot, I can see the charm. Check out the Interwar forum on the LAF for inspiration. A very good source of information on AVBCW can be found here, including a great breakdown of available miniatures.

Forces can be raised, even on a limited budget, consisting of a couple dozen or so figures with vehicles or vessels to suit. A fellow gamer is commissioning me to make some blockhouses for his own AVBCW collection, and it's tempting beyond belief to buy 'just a few figures' to see how it all fits. How about a force created by the Earl of Grantham, he of Downton Abbey fame?

A campaign can be set up in the way exemplified on Dr. Vesuvius' Blog. The good Doctor has created a simplified system for his 188X Britain Invaded campaign. It's based on tabletop encounters, the effects of one leading to the set-up of the next game, and is perfectly adaptable to AVBCW.

Am I trying to convince myself, one way or another? I don't know. But would a few figures hurt? ;)

EDIT: As Jeff points out in his comment, there are currently eight different campaigns in progress, details of which are to be found at the Saxe-Bearstein blog. Steve the Wargamer has the complete Grant Tabletop Teasers listed on his blog, with permission from the author.   


Bluebear Jeff said...

There are currently eight different "mini-campaigns" listed and linked from my blog:

-- Jeff

J Womack, Esq. said...

I'm working on my own forces as well, the Republic of Wales, based out of Caernarfon. Just a smashing fun time.


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