Monday, March 12, 2012

AVBCW pillbox

Not an awful lot happening game-wise, but modelling work is progressing well. I just completed a Very British Civil War pillbox/OP, as shown below by General Sir Robert fFyfe-Robinson.
This is based upon a WW2 pillbox controlling an exit from a beach in Scotland. I've seen a similar structure sited alongside a railway track to guard access to a bridge. This model can take three or four 28mm figures. It was fun and easy to make. So far, I'm resisting temptation to start my own VBCW collection!

Apart from this, I made a few mealie bag walls from Sculpey as part of a planned upgrade to my Colonial river steamer. I want two different top decks that can be swapped-out to represent a civilian or militarized vessel. I currently have the civilian version. The military version will have the mealie bag emplacements along the sides and around the pilot house. I might go so far as to mount a deck gun. We'll see. 

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