Friday, October 21, 2011

Libyan Landship

These photos have appeared online in several places lately, but I thought I'd share them here. It shows what ingenuity goes into improvising for warfare, and hats off to the Libyan rebels who came up with this cracker.

It appears to be composed of an armored carapace built onto a commercial bulldozer chassis. Firing ports complete with armored shutters dot the front and sides. How effective it could be is beyond my ken, but it looks pretty fierce.

It puts me in mind of some of the improvised designs used in the Spanish Civil War - and even Corporal Jones' butcher's van/battlewagon in the classic British TV series, Dad's Army

The breadth of applications for this vehicle on a wargames table are pretty good. It could appear in a Very British Civil War campaign in the line-up for one faction or another. For myself, I can see a certain use for it in Daftest Africa. Is that a hint? Could be!   

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