Friday, September 23, 2011

An update

I'm busy with family matters and prepping for ARCHON 35 for the next few days. Even so, I hope to fight the solo game of the Attack on Yabhouti the first week in October. Stay tuned... 
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A post over on the Lead Adventurer forum drew my attention. Blue Moon Manufacturing Company has released a range of 15mm Darkest Africa figures. It includes tribal warriors, chieftains and witch-doctors, villagers, along with askaris, hunters/explorers and porters. I find these strangely tempting. The sculpts are very nice for this scale, and at 30-odd figures for around $15, each pack gives a bigger bang for the buck compared with 25/28mm. 

Having limited space and an even more limited budget, I'm feeling the inclination to sell up my current collection and convert to 15mm across the board. British and other Colonial figures are readily available, Peter Pig's excellent range being one. Collecting in this scale would also allow me to play my favorite Sudan games, and use some of the same figures in Darkest Africa skirmish gaming. Thoughts? Opinions? Please leave a comment! =)     


Bluebear Jeff said...

It depends upon what you want to do. For "skirmish" gaming, the larger figures are much better IMO.

If you want large battles, then the 15s are a better option . . . but realize that you'll need to purchase/paint a lot more figures.

Also ask yourself how good your vision is . . . as I got older, I found that I couldn't SEE the smaller figures well enough at gaming distances to tell what they were.

As we age our vision tends (for most of us) to deteriorate. And think about WHERE you will be gaming . . . how good is the lighting?

I should also point out (although I've never used them) that 1/72nd plastics might be another good option to consider. If so, take a look here:

-- Jeff

A J said...

All valid points, Jeff. My eyesight isn't what it was, but I can paint well enough using reading glasses. From past experience I find painting 15mm figures easier than either 25 or 6mm. My gaming area is well-lit, so no problem there.

Although I like 25mm for skirmish games, it does have the disadvantage of requiring a lot of storage space, which I don't really have right now, and a largish gaming area, also at a premium.

Plastics are okay, especially the hard plastic figures around these days.

In any case, in the Colonial field I don't intend to do more than roughly double the number of native and Zanzibari figures I have, and perhaps add a section of British naval landing party and askaris. Other odds and ends will come, by the by, when I need them.


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