Thursday, September 29, 2011

Game coming up

I'll be attending ARCHON 35 sci fi convention at Collinsville, Il. over the weekend, guesting on a few panels and taking part in events. Cancer in the family is never an easy thing to deal with, especially to primary care-givers. It'll be great to relax amongst fellow nerds after a stressful two months

As it happens, I should have a couple of days free after the weekend, when I plan to play the Attack on Yabhouti to Sharp Practise rules. Since my playing area is rather restricted, I'm going to set up just the southern portion of Yabhouti town, as the main feature of the British attack will be the tower. More details later.

I'm rather pleased to see this blog has passed the 10,000 visitors mark! I hope all who visit (apart from spider-bot programs) find something inspiring or of use.


Jiminho said...


Sorry to hear about the difficult times in the family. Here is to you for doing what is needed to help loved ones. Have a good trip, enjoy yourself and the change of scenery. I have a few fond memories of Traveller myself (and of Sgt. Potboy Bones, a kind of Galactic barbarian!).


Chris Stoesen said...

Enjoy the weekend. I look forward to reading about your SP game. I too am sorry to hear about the family issues. Take care.

tradgardmastare said...

I too am vexed about your family issues. I hope the gaming goes well and gives you a welldeserved period of R&R...
best wishes
p.s never got round to traveller myself but new some guys who were really into it in my uni days


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