Sunday, July 17, 2011

Watchtower - 2

I'm back from a brief foray into the late 1750's at Muster at Forest Glen (Forest Glen Vermillion County Park, Il.). We returned a day early due to the extreme heat. Back in air-conditioned comfort once more, I took some time this afternoon to finish off the watchtower.  

Pvt. Lewis draws a bead on yet another target off-camera.

The ladder is from a length of bamboo kebob skewer split in two, with rungs made of short lengths of mini-dowel. Cross-bracing is more split bamboo, glued into place with ordinary white craft glue. The trim on the sides and the entryway gate are strips of thin card.   

The ground effect was created by pressing coffee grounds into wet spackle, drying quickly outdoors in the sun, then painting buff and dark green before highlighting in two lighter shades of green. Vegetation is composed of small strands of Spanish moss.

As mentioned earlier, I have an idea for a scenario involving this tower. I do have a few more small pieces of terrain to make for it. More shortly.

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Anonymous said...

The tower has turned out nicely AJ, I like it. My only concern would be for any troops trapped up top if the uppity natives started a fire around the base or tried to chop down a couple of the legs! Just don't let them get that close!

I'm looking forward to seeing it in a game.

all the best



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