Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Keynes County Militia

Here we have the boys and girls of the Keynes County Militia, a stalwart band of citizen-soldiers, sworn to defend their community against all comers. They're very much tech-light, relying on sound tactics and tried-and-true weaponry over exotic gizmos and battle armor. Led by Captain Jason Stone, they've had a few brushes with trouble, both human and otherwise, and lived to tell the tale.

Their most sophisticated weapons are the laser sniper rifle and a multi-shot bazooka. All platoon rifles are license-built Stellar Arms ACR 227s, a simple and rugged projectile weapon design that fills a similar slot to the modern AK47. It follows the principle that few hostile things in this universe can't be dealt with by a direct, concentrated application of kinetic energy. Largely made of ceramics and pressed metals, the ACR 227 is an easy weapon for frontier world industries to make.

Transport consists of Shank's pony, a couple of horses, and a wheeled APC as armored back-up.

Group photo. Capt. Stone is in the middle of the pic, with cigar-chewing Sgt. Andy Klugman to his left and unit sniper Corporal Lindsey Brooke to his right. All figures are by Ground Zero Games, who seem to have a penchant for females in low-cut open necked shirts. I play using my home-grown Blood Among the Stars rules, a semi role-playing set designed for small-scale actions.

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GZG aren't the only ones with a penchant for females in low-cut open necked shirts AJ, not the only ones at all....

Like the old days with the Rhodesian army recruitment slogan "Be a man among men...", rather be a "man among women", to be honest - all of them in low-cut open necked shirts.

good looking groupie shot.



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