Friday, May 28, 2010

Another touch of sci-fi

The building model featured earlier on this blog had been sitting around unpainted for four months. After posting photos of it I decided it was high time I finished it!

The satellite dish was made from the plastic cap off a soy milk carton, with a pin forming the receptor stalk. A length of plastic tube made the support strut, with the pin bent at a slight angle and threaded through the tube to pierce the foamcore. I added a drop of craft glue to anchor the whole thing to the building.

Most of the paints I used were Craft Smart acrylics, found in Michael's and similar hobby outlets. First coat was a mix of 23620 Terracotta and 23631 Mustard Yellow. Once dry, I highlighted the texture with a dry brushing of mustard yellow followed by another of 23608 Ivory. Lastly I gave the whole building a wash of sepia brown mixed with a very little Indian ink.

Before I began the groundwork I coated the whole area around the building with a thinned coat of craft glue which I then sprinkled with sand. Foamcoare is smooth and the sand gives the lightweight spackle a keyed surface to grip on. The spackle was also thinned with water and spread into place with an old brush before more sand was sprinkled on top. Once dry, I painted the whole with a solid coat of 23630 Espresso brown, followed by a dry brushing of 23608 Ivory and a final, very light dry brushing of Vallejo 70918 Ivory.

On to two citizens of Keynes County, the prospector Not-So-Lonesome Charlie Reynolds and his girlfriend, Deputy Tina Ozamba. Charlie's prospecting vehicle is a mish-mash of parts and components built on what was once a civilian air-cushion design. Rugged and (usually) reliable, it's a useful means of exploring the Outback regions of Fomor.

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