Saturday, December 31, 2022

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year to all. 

It was a funny old year. I didn't get much gaming in, real life having too many distractions including catching Covid-19 back in May. This coming year promises to be better. 

I hope to finish the 1906 alternate history pre-Dreadnaught naval campaign, and maybe round out some of my existing collections before embarking on something new (First World War Palestine keeps singing a siren song - Grid Based Wargaming has an excellent campaign running at the moment).

So, take care everybody, look after yourselves, and let's hope this coming year is a bit less mad for us all.


Peter said...

All the best for the New Year and thanks for the shout out.

Carlo said...

Happy New Year AJ and thanks for another year of truly amazing Wargames posts. Let’s hope 2023 is a cracker.

Matt Crump said...

Happy new year for 2023 👍


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