Saturday, May 28, 2022

Of Covid and Cruisers

So, it's been a while since I posted here. The damn disease finally slipped past our defences and my wife and I went down with it. It's been rough but we're slowly coming out of the woods. 

In the meantime I continued my glacial progress with the cruisers for the Moroccan Crisis games. They're pretty basic - little more than tokens - but they're almost done.

L-R Bremen LCs, Prinz Adalbert ACs, Highflyer LCs.

Last bits to be added are the boat cranes on the two Prinz Adalbert ACs, and a set of masts for all. Once that's all done it'll be an undercoat of grey and final painting and basing.


Unknown said...

Hi been following your builds very impressed - is there a reference to how to start scratch building ships? Do you find plan & side view of the class & scale off in 1/2400? Been surfing web no success Thanks


A J said...

Hi Andrew, thanks for your kind comment. I found most of my scratch-building inspiration from some of the classic naval wargaming books. Don Featherstone, Phil Dunn and Paul Hague all had/have sections on the topic. I use the 'sandwich' method of building up levels of hull and decks.

One of the go-to online sources I use is Military History Fandom, which has some photographs and scale top-down images of warships in the period. Another excellent source of good info is World Warships in Review by John Leather, which has photos and details of all pre-Dred's up to and including Dreadnought herself. It may be out of print, but you might find a used copy somewhere.

I hope this helps.

Unknown said...

thankyou for advice - Andrew


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