Sunday, March 14, 2021

Doctor Who, One and Two

A little progress on my wife's birthday present. The first two Doctors meet to confer about a sinister door in a recently abandoned cellar. 

Of course, when the Doctor's around, there's bound to be trouble that needs sorting out...

The figures are by Black Tree Designs. I searched for images from the first two Doctors and chose the simplest costume designs. The BBC put Hartnell in two types of trousers, one of which is a mid grey chequered pattern as shown above. The other was more of a houndstooth design. I found this choice a bit puzzling, as it would normally have been too 'busy' for the primitive TV cameras of the time to process. I did the chequered pattern using a fine sharp pencil.

Next up will be the Fifth Doctor personified by Peter Davison. This is likely to take a bit more work due to the fine red stripes on his costume.

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