Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Ramping up for Rampant.

So, I got hold of the rules for Lion Rampant - good start. Now I can see what's required, and the answer is = not much beyond what I already have - also good. I placed an order for some crossbowmen and mounted serjeants (correct spelling) to round out the retinues and give a more flexible choice of troop types. My Dux Brit forces can double up where necessary, particularly the civilian figures, and there's not that much difference between a a Romano-British hovel and a later medieval one, so my Dux Brit scenery will be useful too.

At the moment I'm waiting until we have enough items to get from the shops before buying a bottle of isopropyl alcohol to strip the old paint from most of the figures. In these mad, bad Covid times it pays not to expose yourself unduly to infection.

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