Saturday, July 20, 2019

Before the game - The Battle of Abu Hamad

Things have been quiet in the un-air conditioned gaming room lately, not least because the extreme heat currently inflicting this area makes the place nearly uninhabitable. Luckily, although the temperatures are appropriately approaching that of the Sudan, it hasn't stopped me figuring out some details for the planned Abu Hamad game.

First off, whilst General Wolseley was a great organiser he wasn't a patch on his successor, Lord Kitchener. There's scope for the friction of war to appear in the 1885 Sudan campaign. Would the Imperial forces dispatched to the Nile-side town arrive on time? To decide this weighty matter I rolled an average die (remember them?).

A score of 2 meant the army mobile column was delayed 1-3 days in the desert somewhere between Abu Simel and Abu Hamad. The riverine force would attempt to take the town as best it could using landing parties covered by gunfire support. Huzzah!

A score of 3 meant that the army would arrive first with the rum-soaked matelots of the riverine force showing up a tardy 1d10 moves later.

A score of 4 meant the riverine force would show up on time and those lazy landlubbers of the army would arrive 1d10 moves later.

A score of 5 meant the riverine mission had been delayed 1-3 days somewhere along the river. The army mobile column would arrive first, fighting on its own as best it could to take the town. Play up, play up, and play the game...

The die was cast and... came up 3. To use the racing parlance of the time, "Tommy Atkins, mounted on Too Late by Verbosity," would attempt feats of derring-do against the Walls of Abu Hamad. A d10 roll gave a 6, so that many moves must pass before the Navy chugs into view.

Now, the temperatures are supposed to drop somewhat this coming few days, so I hope to reclaim the gaming room from the sauna-like conditions and fight out the battle. Stay tuned...

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Michael Awdry said...

All sounds promising, here's to a speedy return to a more hospitable temperature.


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