Tuesday, February 19, 2019

City walls for the Sudan

Although there's no evidence to show either Haiya in the Eastern Sudan or Atbara on the Nile ever had city walls, I thought I'd make some just to make life that much harder for the Imperial army.

These were knocked up in a couple of hours using trusty corrugated cardboard from a pizza box welded together by hot glue. I made four wall sections of approx. seven inches length and a couple of free-standing towers and a gatehouse to go between them. These are enough to represent a corner of the contested town without it taking up a lot of valuable maneuvering room. Making the crenelations is going to be a bit problematic. I'm too lazy to cut out each one of the blessed things by hand, so I may resort to using my Dremel. Once done, I'll slather the lot in spackle and paint then get 'em on the table.

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Michael Awdry said...

Coming along nicely A.J.


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