Friday, January 25, 2019

Prospect of a Sudan game

Perhaps the most important part of the solo Sudan rules I use are the encounter cards and reaction tables, both of which govern the Mahdist forces on the table. They determine where the Mahdists will appear, and what they do when they arrive. It's entirely random, but as I've mentioned before it gives the Mahdists a curious degree of intelligence which can prove tricky - and often fatal - for the Imperial player to deal with. I've had games where 90% of the Mahdists have walked on then walked straight off again. I've had games when they were all over the Imperial force like a bad suit the moment the troops emerged from the safety of their defences. There's literally no telling what will happen once the game begins, and that's the great appeal to me.

This past week I worked on a new set of cards, my old ones being lost. Getting the design and layout right gave me endless trouble, and that was compounded by printer issues. I'm not 100% happy with the result but they are at least functional. I also printed off a new copy of the rules, with the tables and other important bits made bigger to account for aging eyes. Some new buildings are drying off from the last paint job as I write. All in all, I'm ready for a game. Maybe Saturday, maybe Sunday. Whichever, I'll report on the action as it progresses.

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