Friday, August 31, 2018

From the Shipyard

It's been a busy week, full of ups and downs, skulduggery and shenanigans, but it's about time for a progress report on the 1/2400 pre-Dreadnoughts. This is a cheap and cheerful project and very much a homespun effort. Since I'm going to cast these I chose ships that had at least four vessels in their class. Here's the result so far. These are all Royal Navy vessels.

Front to rear ~ Majestic class battleship, Cressy class armoured cruiser, Apollo class protected/light cruiser, and a couple of generic destroyers. The latter are awaiting their funnels. In this scale the destroyer of the day is barely there so I painted this pair black to stand out. All detail on them will be limited. Since I intend to mold these models I've left off the main guns, masts and fire directors on the battleship and cruisers.

Next on the list will be their future opponents of the Kaiserliche Marine.

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