Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Victor Milán, RIP

A break from my normal posts about gaming and such now. Some of my readers may know my wife and I are regulars at Archon, the Midwest's premier SF/Fantasy convention held in Collinsville, Illinois. Sadly, one of the towering personalities of the con, Vic Milán, passed away yesterday.

Vic was a friend of ours, a genuinely nice guy, prolific fellow author, and associate of George R R Martin in his Wild Cards series. A veteran of Archon almost from its first years, he served as MC for the famous Archon Masquerade, where his wit, patience and kindness to the contestants, many of whom are nervous at appearing on the public stage, are legendary. Vic always had a smile and a word for everybody, and we'll miss the many times we spent chatting around the table in the con's green room.

Our condolences to his family and friends on his passing. The world of fandom is the poorer for it.
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I'll post about my progress on the Dux B shields another day. 

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