Tuesday, January 30, 2018

What a difference a shelf makes

Now the move is over we're unpacking slowly. I put up a couple of shelves in the gaming room closet so the bulk of my figures and scenery are now safely up and out of the way of other stuff as it gets moved around. It also gave me the opportunity to examine some of the scenery for damage caused by the long spell in storage. So far the Dux Britanniarum watchtower is the only piece that needs some minor repair. Three months spent in often below-freezing temperatures didn't do the walkway much good, and it's looking rather sorry for itself. Replacing the wooden supports should do the trick.

Talking of Dux Britanniarum, I ordered shield transfers for both sides from Little Big Men Studios, and they're on the way. All being well I should have done enough unpacking by then to find time to sort out my Romano-British shields at last. I've also found a nice frame for the map that comes with the rules, and once I get some matting card for it I'll hang it on the wall of the gaming room. The next project after that will be to buy the Saxons from Splintered Light Miniatures, and to make some fortifications and even an early monastery for those rascally Saxons to attack.


Carlo said...

Nothing like having the figures on display to inspire some energy and get fingers twitching to have a paintbrush in them AJ. Well done.

A J said...

Cheers, Carlo. Yes, it's a morale-booster.

Captain Darling said...

Good going AJ!
Also I thought I was the only person who said transfers instead of decals...so now there's two of us!

A J said...

Of the two terms I prefer transfers. It takes me back to the days as a kid when I made Airfix kits. They always refer to them as transfers. Decals I think is more of an American term?


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