Sunday, May 21, 2017

Milites on the march

An outdoor event we went to yesterday afternoon ended much earlier than expected due to thunderstorms, so with a clear conscience I decided to finish off the Milites for Dux Britanniarum.

Trying for size.

The dip has turned a bit syrupy over its time in storage, but seems to have worked just fine. A coat of matte varnish over all finished the job, although I noticed the (supposedly dry) red ink used for the decorative trim on the tunics bled into the varnish a little. It's barely noticeable and I put it down to the vegetable dyes used during the period being less than colour-fast. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it...

The figures are lacking shields at the moment. I intend to get some decals when I can and will wait until then to fit the shields.

Once dry, they were ready for basing. I used discs of cardboard, with Liquid Nails sprinkled with sand for the basing material. It doesn't shrink or warp, allowing me to use the cheap/free card. I'm on a tap-water budget here.

Almost ready to go off to war against the Saxon dogs.
The spacing is perhaps a little bit too wide. I think it'll be less noticeable once the figures have their shields attached. In any case, all my figures for both Romano-British and Saxons will be based the same so there's no major gripe against it.

Next up on the painting block will be the elite warriors of the Roman-British, the Comanipulares, and the Lord and nobles to command the army.


Michael Awdry said...

Great job, nothing better than guilt free hobbying.

A J said...

Thanks, and oh yes! :)


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