Friday, October 21, 2016

Trial piece of Frostgrave terrain

Okay, I noodled with a few designs over the week and came up with this piece for Frostgrave.

A doughty adventurer looks out for the threat that did for a previous explorer.

The body of the work is from the Hirst Arts Gothic mold, and the skull is from a Halloween decoration recast in plaster. I gave the skull a going over with Pledge mixed with sepia and India inks to bring out the details and make it look suitably gruesome. The deposits of melting snow are bicarbonate of soda mixed in roughly equal proportion to PVA adhesive then smeared into place. It seems to have turned out well. I have a few more ideas in mind which I'll work on the next few days. 


Michael Awdry said...

Lovely job A.J.

Millsy said...

That's jolly good work AJ!

Captain Darling said...

Well done, cool terrain piece!

A J said...

Thanks gentlemen! I'm working on another couple of pieces. Post to come soon.

Peter Ball said...

Looks grand!


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