Friday, July 22, 2016

Gunboat - upper deck

A little more progress on the new gunboat... These last few days it's been slow in the making. Too much real life and the high daytime temperatures get in the way sometimes.

This is a dry run, the top deck isn't fixed in place yet. I intend to put all the detail on before doing so. The next step will be to embed the magnet to hold the after deck gun then construct the wheelhouse and smokestack. At the moment I'm thinking of scratch-building a couple of Gatling or Nordenfeldt guns to place on the wings above the paddle-boxes where they'll be able to bear almost directly ahead and astern. I already have a 5-barrel Nordenfeldt for the aft position on the upper deck. The lower deck will feature either the Nordenfeldt or a scratch-built Hotchkiss 57mm revolving cannon, which can be swapped as needed.

This is a beamy little boat, wider than my previous version so it can carry a number of figures. Looking at the photo I think it might benefit from a little more detail on the paddle-boxes, maybe in the form of a fan made up of elongated kite-shape pieces. We'll see.

In any case progress will come to a halt for another week as I'll be joining the press pack around the DNC conference in Philadelphia. It promises to be an historical event. Let's hope it is for all the right reasons.


Michael Awdry said...

It is certainly screaming paddle steamer to me, looking forward to the finishing touches going on.

Captain Darling said...

This is coming along nicely!
The paddle boxes definitely could do with some 'fretwork'...
Keep up the good work.


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