Sunday, August 17, 2014

Rocks and Trees

I had some spare time today so I set to work making a few more terrain pieces for Darkest Africa. I'm short of trees, so I used some twigs and a cluster of green grass-mat 'blobs' bought at Michael's hobby shop years ago. They didn't really seem suitable for terrain use but I held onto them because there was always a chance to put them to use... 

Basically I hot-glued suitable twigs to the metal lids that come with fruit juice concentrate. Daubing the branching ends of the twigs with white glue I impaled the blobs on them and let them dry. The trunks were then stuck to the bases using hot glue. Since hot glue is fast but not strong, I smeared liquid nails around the "trunks" of the trees and over the bases, sprinkling sand on the flat areas to act as a key for the spackle coat which will form the next stage.

The foliage is a bit too bright so I'll take it down with a few light coats of paint. 

For the two rock outcrops I used another juice lid and an old CD for the larger one. The rock itself is wood chip. Again I attached them using liquid nails and smeared more of the adhesive and sand to act as a key for the spackle. I'll dilute and brush a thin coat of spackle over the rock, with thicker amounts around the bases of the outcrops. Grass and so on will come later.


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