Thursday, May 22, 2014

G'Wundaland Volunteer Force

Here we have the G'Wundaland Volunteer Force, composed of would-be settlers fighting for the Crown in exchange for land and gold. Armed with US Army surplus Sharps carbines they will serve as a civilian auxiliary to the regular army.

The figures are from Dixon's Miniature Pony Wars range, painted to look more like a civilian body with a few elements of military uniform here and there. I believe the figure at the far right is supposed to be Custer, so I made him the commender of this band. 

The base-work is in progress. The first layer is liquid nails, which adheres well to the metal washers. Next layer will be a spackle/PVA mix with sand and coffee grounds for effect.

(The tentacles in the background are a work in progress Peril for Pulp Alley).

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