Saturday, February 22, 2014

Arab-style town house

I have some spare time after finishing a couple of commissions so I turned my hand to a building for the Darkest Africa campaign.

It represents a town house belonging to a fairly prosperous citizen. The carcass is made of foamcore, with cardboard trim and plastic embroidery battening for the window grilles. The archways at the front and the steps and landing at the rear are Hirst Arts pieces cast from plaster. At this stage I've yet to coat the walls and base with spackle. I'll add pieces like plants, wall trellises and so on as I go. The roof has space for six or seven of my gaming figures; the courtyard can hold ten along the walls. For the sake of simplicity I made the house as one unit, so the roof and top floor don't lift off. I'm not a big fan of placing figures inside buildings anyway, and since I fight solo there's no dispute over which figures are inside or not.

It's gone pretty well, and I may make another or something similar. After that I'll build either a barracks or railway station - maybe both.


Chris Stoesen said...

That looks very nice.

Millsy said...

Looking good. Should look fabulous when painted.

Carlo said...

Beautiful work AJ - particularly like the decorative windows and plaster


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