Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A little bit of sculpting

My planned Darkest Africa game is set for sometime in the next few days. Since I've been dissatisfied with the limited poses on my casualty figures I made a few more using Sculpey. I'm certainly not the greatest figure sculptor in the world, but these figures are meant to be more representational than specific.

I added a new British and native figure apiece and two askaris. They'll serve as Belgian Force Publique, but will be used for other askari types. I might add another couple of native poses for the sake of variety. The heads and arms are left over from a Wargames Factory Zulu pack and will be added once the Sculpey has baked.  


Chris Stoesen said...

Did you sculpt them from scratch or did you modify an existing figure?

A J said...

They're half and half, in a way. The British soldier casualty (2nd from top) is entirely sculpted, the two askaris (the right-hand pair) are mostly sculpted, but their heads and the heads and arms of the natives are spares from the WF Zulus.


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