Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sci-Fi Find

Not a lot to report this week. I hoped my cold would amount to no more than a sniffle, but it turned vicious for a couple days, with full-on streaming eyes and bursting sinuses. Thankfully I feel better now, but I'm still under the weather. 

In between times I found more of my SF collection, including some terrain pieces. The figures are Ground Zero Games 25mm "Kra'Vak," with a Predator from another maker (the name of which escapes me at the moment). My take on this larger figure is it's a Kra'Vak which was fed an equivalent of royal jelly to make it bigger and meaner than the average grunt. 

The Sub-Leader points the way to his patrol in their search for nice, crunchy humans. 
An Over-Warrior brings up the rear to maintain march discipline. 

The blue conical terrain pieces were made by filling a cake-piping syringe with a gloopy mix of spackle and PVA, squeezing it out into a kind of "Walnut Whip" shape. With a coat or two of paint and ink for shading, they become strange rock formations, or alien growths, or weird mud vents from a volcanic fault line.

These figures will go toward my Keynes County game world, which I've slowly developed over the years. I have a set of home-grown rules for SF gaming in this scale, which work well enough. Exposure to the Too Fat Lardies way of doing things has made me rethink them, though. The card activation system used in Sharp Practice appeals to me, as it's useful for solo gaming. When I get time to think things through, I'll post some ideas here.

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