Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wargaming archaeology - 1

A spot of excavating in my work shed unearthed a couple of treasures. The first I'm sure many a gamer will recognise.

One of the seminal works on our hobby, I've had years of enjoyment from it. Now I think it's time I gave others a chance so I'm going to put it up for sale. 

The next photo shows my 6mm Early Imperial Roman legion defending a town against a horde of Germanic tribal warriors. Two cohorts of Praetorian Guard and some of the integral legionary cavalry alae stand ready to emerge to attack the German flanks. I'd forgotten just how many of these figures I had. The horde shown is only about half the number.

Obviously the town isn't finished. My intention is to make a few more interchangeable modular insulae and roads. The ramparts and gatehouses are cast from resin using latex molds.  

One of these days I'd like to get my Romans in Germania Libera campaign going again. Luckily I found the notes and data for it stored on back-up CDs just the other day. Like many a wargames campaign, it thrived for a few months before dying out due to people becoming busy with other things. We had one major battle which saw an eventual Roman victory after a titanic struggle. The game was memorable for the Roman commander ordering the execution of two cohorts of auxiliaries on the spot after they retreated in the face of the enemy!

More goodies will be displayed as I excavate them...


Millsy said...

I've already have a copy of War Games but I'm interested in whatever else you have going as well! Cheers, Millsy

A J said...

Hi Millsy, the excavation of my work shed is ongoing, but I'm sure I have a few things that might be of interest. I'll post on here as-and-when.

Ogilvie VC said...

I still have a battered copy of this wonderful book, minus the dust cover.
I wonder how many boxes of Airfix figures were sold as a direct result of people like us reading this and perhaps Charles Grants Battlegames.

Sometimes we need to look back to see how far we've come.

A J said...

Quite right, Ogilvie, old chap. I found a batch of old Airfix from those long-ago days in my shed. I haven't the heart to pitch them.


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