Monday, December 26, 2011

I hope everyone had a happy and peaceful Xmas Day. We had some excellent ham for dinner, followed by a traditional Danish Christmas desert called Risalamond. Delicious, and I really didn't feel like eating until this morning.
* * *
Back to the doings in Yabhouti. The final muster is in concerning casualties.

Killed in action:
Cpl. George Gedge.
Pvt. Higgins, Daniel.
Pvt. Buckley, Edward.
Pvt. Stanton, Charles.

Wounded, invalided home:
Pvt. Burke, William. Pvt. Dyer, Arnold. Pvt. Desmond, Charles.
Wounded, returned to unit:
L. Cpl. White, George. Pvt. Hayes, Christopher. Pvt. Warren, Phillip. Pvt. Monk, Lionel.
L. Cpl. O’Reilly, Francis. Pvt. Yeats, Richard. Pvt. Alder, Frank. Pvt. King, Albert.
Pvt. Hewitt, Oliver. Pvt. Jones, Victor. Pvt. Murray, Andrew. 
* * *
In recognition of his sterling work in planning and executing the attack and occupation of Yabhouti, Frederick Wilberforce Pike has been promoted to the rank of Captain.

For conspicuous leadership and gallantry, Sergeant Albert Nugent St. Clair Harrington has been promoted to Company Sergeant Major, in line with new Army regulations concerning the granting of the Queen's Warrant to deserving NCOs.

For general good service in the field, Lance Corporal George White has been promoted another step, and can wear a second stripe. He will replace Corporal Gedge in command of the reconstituted 2 Section.

All three will continue in service with Baker Platoon. 

One question remains - What to do about Private Geoffrey Hare? The sole survivor of the devastating ambush lived up to his name and ran like a hare for the safety of the town walls, leaving wounded comrades on the field. This he did in full view of Colonel Trollope and his company commander.

I hereby put it to the vote: Should Pvt. Hare be Court-Martialed for cowardice in the face of the enemy? Enter your verdict in the poll provided.

Baker Platoon Muster.

Captain Frederick Pike.
Bugler Bates, Ronald.

1st Section:
CSM Harrington, Albert.
L. Cpl. O’Reilly, Francis.
Pvt. Rose, Henry
Pvt. Hayes, Christopher
Pvt. Lewis, Jack
Pvt. Bishop, Harold
Pvt. Lipton, Thomas
Pvt. Harrison, William
Pvt. Bell, John
Pvt. Moss, Frederick

2nd Section:
Cpl. White, George
Pvt. Hare, Geoffrey*
Pvt. Warren, Phillip.
Pvt. Monk, Lionel.
Pvt. Yeats, Richard.
Pvt. Alder, Frank.
Pvt. King, Albert.
Pvt. Chapman, Oliver.
Pvt. Jones, Victor.
Pvt. Murray, Andrew.  

3rd Section.
L. Cpl. Powell, Frank “Nosher”
Pvt. Watson, Geoff
Pvt. Brooks, Malcolm
Pvt. Hooper, Henry
Pvt. Wilkinson, Alfred
Pvt. Braithwaite, Frederick
Pvt. Baldwin, Albert
Pvt. Sullivan, Patrick
Pvt. Clark, Henry
Pvt. Hudson, Percival

* Awaiting a verdict upon his fate.

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