Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Watchtower - 1

On to another project - a watchtower. These were used by British and Imperial forces throughout the Colonial period, were often constructed of wood, and frequently attached to or mounted upon blockhouses. Mine will be free-standing. 

The picture above shows me halfway through the tiling process. For no particular reason I decided on a shingle-effect roofing rather than corrugated iron or thatch. Each tile is cut from thin card and applied to the glued surface. The cap is made of air-dried clay. 

The photo below shows construction so far. The uprights are kebob skewers, and the cross-struts are square-cut sandwich sticks. I used basswood for the sides, and short sections of craft sticks for the platform, since these give a sturdy surface for up to four figures to stand. Next up will be the diagonal struts and a ladder, a gate to give access to the platform, followed by painting and the application of scenic effect to the base.     

Pvt. Jack Lewis draws a bead on something off camera...

This particular tower will feature as the centerpiece in my next game. I have another couple of ideas to work out, but I should be ready to play it out within the month. 

* * *
A further thought on the casualty figures I made. When I make another batch of masters I think I'll set them on bases with a little scenic effect around them. That way when I make the mold, the bases will be part of the figure, which should make them stronger and easier to handle.


Anonymous said...

Hi AJ,
the watchtower is looking good so far. I know that the individual card tiles take quite a while to stick on the model but they look very effective. I'm looking forward to seeing it in a game.

How did the Gunboat turn out in the end - any chance of a finished picture?

all the best


A J said...

Hi Ian, thanks. Yes, the individual card tiles do take time - although not *that* long - to stick on. It does make for a much stronger roof, which is important when handling during a game.

The Flatiron gunboat is still on the slipways, but I should be able to place an order for the various ship fittings next week to finish it off.


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