Saturday, July 9, 2011

Casualties of war - first batch

The casualty figure mold came out well. I use OOMOO 30 from Smooth-On, a cheap and cheerful tin-cure VRT silicon available from craft stores. It cures within 24 hours at room temperature, and reproduces fine detail. I only used a couple ounces.

Results are as seen above. The figures are crude - I don't have good sculpting skills and no access to a pantograph system - but they'll serve. I'll prepare them for painting with a coat of varnish, allowing it to soak into the plaster and harden before applying paint. Given the bloody nature of the first game, I aim to produce a couple dozen casualty figures for both sides. I'll convert some native figures by sculpting robes to represent Zanzibari casualties.

* * *
My ideas for the next game are beginning to crystalise. Since it'll be a while before I can complete the Flatiron gunboat, I'll set the scenario somewhere inland. The Sharp Practice rules will get another airing, as trouble brews for a British survey party... 

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