Sunday, July 6, 2014

A few buildings

My 10mm VBCW set-up is somewhat lacking in buildings, so I rectified the situation by making a few out of foamcore and card. 
They're quick to make and look reasonably good from a distance. The one at the back is a work in progress which I'll finish as flint-walled twin cottages in the style of my home county of Norfolk. 

With luck and a following wind I'll get the Chain of Command rules soon. Other gamers have already done a lot of work creating tables for AVBCW and I'll use the rules for that and also WW2, by the by.


Sunday, June 29, 2014

Beginning the BUF

Summer has been a bit busy, what with writing, gardening and prepping for art shows, but I've begun putting together a BUF force for AVBCW. 
Most of the figures are Pendraken Miniatures drawn from my Socialist militia platoon (which had over-strength sections anyway), given a new paint job and Bob's your uncle. I had enough spare figures to create a command group including standard bearer. I chose to represent the platoon wearing army surplus jackets and forage caps died black, with army equipment and RAF uniform trousers. I reason that supplies are limited and every unit has to make do with what's available. The 18 pdr and Vickers MMG crews were already painted as BUF with khaki jackets and black trousers. 

This will be a platoon from the BUF Suffolk Legion based around Bury St. Edmunds, out to help impose the government's will on the East of England. They will clash with the Socialist forces operating out of Great Yarmouth and the LDV of the area. A nice chap on the VBCW forum by the name of Leics_Gamer makes excellent standards for the various factions around the UK. He produced an array for County of Suffolk forces, including the East Suffolk BUF, which I will print off when I can persuade our cranky colour printer to work. 

To the right of the picture is a section of Police auxiliary, reluctant associates dragged in to support the supposedly legitimate government. The police box is a home made resin casting.

In time I'll add a couple more sections and a Boyes AT rifle team or two to the force, and probably a pair of Italian L3/33 tankettes for armoured support. I'm tempted to increase the armour my VBCW forces have by getting a Vickers E type A or B or Vickers Medium Mk II for the BUF, and a T26 for the Socialists. Not quite sure what kind of tank a LDV force would have. Suggestions welcome! 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Doctor Doctor..!

With my wife resting after an operation last week I suppose it's not surprising I have doctors on my mind. Since she's a big fan of Doctor Who I thought I'd press on with painting up the figures I bought from Heresy Miniatures and Black Tree Designs.

The Ninth Doctor (front right) and Tenth (right column, 3rd from front) need just a coat of varnish. The Third Doctor (front row, second from right) is almost finished. I'll deepen the colour of his cloak using inks. The pterodactyl in front was coloured using brown acrylic pain for an undercoat and green and yellow acrylic inks, tips I picked up from Colonel O'Truth's blog. I'm debating whether or not to add a red stripe down the spine from the head to the tip of the tail.


Thursday, May 22, 2014

G'Wundaland Volunteer Force

Here we have the G'Wundaland Volunteer Force, composed of would-be settlers fighting for the Crown in exchange for land and gold. Armed with US Army surplus Sharps carbines they will serve as a civilian auxiliary to the regular army.

The figures are from Dixon's Miniature Pony Wars range, painted to look more like a civilian body with a few elements of military uniform here and there. I believe the figure at the far right is supposed to be Custer, so I made him the commender of this band. 

The base-work is in progress. The first layer is liquid nails, which adheres well to the metal washers. Next layer will be a spackle/PVA mix with sand and coffee grounds for effect.

(The tentacles in the background are a work in progress Peril for Pulp Alley).

Saturday, May 17, 2014

An Afternoon in 1863

My wife and I have a great time at a local re-enactment event today at Green Springs, Ohio. The 21st Ohio Volunteer Infantry were among participants for a small action based on the ACW Battle of Gray Goose Creek, June 21 1863, itself a prelude to bigger events at Gettysburg. Although space precluded anything larger it was a fun demonstration, and the 3-inch rifled cannon got to fire.

Among the re-enactors were President Abraham Lincoln and local hero General James McPherson. It was fun to chat with these chaps, as they knew a wealth of details about the era.

On the gaming side, I've nearly finished the irregular force for Darkest Africa. Hopefully I'll get time to finish them and see them in action.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Fresh off Lead Mountain

I spent a little free time this week painting up some fantasy figures which languished on Lead Mountain, some for the better part of 25 years. A slightly blurry photo above shows the more-or-less finished results. The only new figure is that of the Reaper Miniatures elven mage on the left, by talented figure sculptor Sandra Garrity. The others are a mix of Citadel and Ral Partha. 

Some time next week I hope to get the auxiliaries-to-be on the painting block, so they can contribute to the British strength on the Barsetshire's next excursion into Darkest Africa.   

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

New recruits?

Having a dig around in the lead pile can pay off. I found these chaps from a large batch of Plains Wars figures. 

They're Dixons Miniatures dismounted US cavalry, but with a suitable paint job I think they can represent a militia made up of white settlers in Colonial lands. Armed with near-obsolete weapons they can defend their settlement until the army arrives, or serve as a useful adjunct to the regular force in the field. 

There's probably three times as many figures again in the collection they came from, but ten or so seems enough.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Doctor Doctor!

Milder weather is here and I will be able to reclaim my table for gaming again soon. At the moment it's still playing host to trays of seedlings ready for transplanting once the frost risk is over, which should be around May 15th. My next planned game is from my Darkest Africa campaign.

In the meantime I have a batch of Doctor Who figures ready for the painting block...

The figures are mostly Heresy Miniatures from a recent special offer, with the Third Doctor and Sarah-Jane (plus pterodactyl!) from Black Tree Designs (North America). Thanks to Shadowking's blog I was led to a wonderful source of cult TV figures at Crooked Dice. This company produces a treasure-trove of figures suitable for skirmish gaming and Pulp games. They even have stone angels - Don't blink!

Friday, March 28, 2014

A whole lot o' nuthin' going on

Not much is happening on the gaming/modeling front. I've been busy working on a new novel and reviewing books by other authors. The window side of my gaming table is being encroached upon by seed trays in an effort to give the seedlings some light before transferring to the greenhouse or planting outside. From the way the weather's going around here, that may be a month or so. 

I've yet to run a game of Pulp Alley, either. For some reason our printer refuses to print from .pdf format which means I can't run off a set of cards. Grrr!  

At least I spent an Amazon coupon given me by my lovely wife and bought Setting the East Ablaze by Peter Hopkirk. It's the story of events in Central Asia following the Bolshevik Revolution, covering Russian attempts to spread Communism and the efforts of Britain and other powers to stop them. I'm only a few pages in, and it's already gripping reading. Recommended for anyone considering wargame campaigns in 'The Back o' Beyond.'

Monday, March 17, 2014

The Unusual Suspects

I've rounded up a few figures to serve as leagues for Pulp Alley games. The versatility of the rules allows games to be set in any period, from cavemen times to far future. My setting is High Victorian Africa, which allows me to make use of existing figures and terrain.  I might also use the rules for small-scale games featuring some of the characters from the regular campaign.

The figure second from left is a Eureka Miniatures "Nanarchist" throwing a bomb. She's a big lass compared to the others, but I think she'll fit in any scenario. I also found two Asian girls - I can't remember which company makes them, but they'll suit nicely. I do intend to get some of the Copplestone High Adventure figures when funds permit, probably packs BC10, and BC19, which includes that female character who seems to have become a firm favorite with Pulp gamers all over the world. 

The figures need some touching up, but hopefully I'll get a game in with my wife soon.


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