Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Flatiron gunboat project - 5

Here's an update on the Flatiron gunboat model I'm working on, based on  HMVS Albert.

The components from Reviresco work a treat. The photo below shows progress so far, with the bridge and foredeck railing stanchions and ventilators in place.   

Here's a close-up of the bridge and foredeck, showing the railings, ship's wheel, binnacle and telegraph, and the twin ventilators abaft the foremast.

I plan to construct either a companionway or a skylight on the purplish area on the bridge deck. Originally, I was going to site a 'bandstand' here with a searchlight atop, but space precluded being able to stand an operator figure on it. Another feature I've regretfully opted out of is the bridge awning found on most vessels operating in tropical waters. It'd be too fiddly to make one that can be removed as necessary to stand figures on the bridge, without being flimsy and easily broken. 

Next up will be the portholes. As I mentioned before, these will be a little awkward to fit, as I'd have to drill and countersink holes in the hull to mount them. Should I worry about doing this, leave them aside, or even paint portholes in? Any advice welcome!

Once all the brasswork is done, all I need to do is set up the yards on the masts. In real life, these vestigial masts seem never to have had canvas spread on them, other than in drills. HMVS Albert had canvas aboard during her maiden voyage out from England to Australia as insurance against her machinery breaking-down, but it doesn't appear to have been used. In this model, I'll content myself with just representing the yards. 

I'll be rather busy with real-life stuff these next few days, so updates on this probably won't appear until next week. Watch this space...


tradgardmastare said...

Excellent model- very inspiring!

Bluebear Jeff said...

I'd skip the portholes on this vessel . . . and use them on the next one (you know that one is never enough) where you can have prepped ahead of time for the portholes.

Besides, this will give you a good excuse for building the next ship.

-- Jeff

PS, she's looking good.

Anonymous said...

She's certainly looking a treat now you've added the railings et al.
For the portholes - how about using those self adhesive reinforcment rings they sell for use with sheets of paper in ring binders? Failing that how about washers of the right diameter?

all the best


The Wishful Wargamer said...

Nice looking boat there! I've been looking for ship fixtures myself so was interested to see the link to Reviresco in an earlier post.


A J said...

Thanks for your comments, gentlemen!

Jeff - I do want to make another ship (Like you say, one is never enough). It'll probably be a coastal steamer of the era.

Ian - Good tip. I think in the end I might well drill holes and use the porthole fittings.

WW - You're welcome. Reviresco has a very quick response time. I got my items within a few days of ordering. Recommended!

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