Sunday, April 25, 2010

Off the painting block - 2

US Cavalry riders - undercoated

Cavalry horses ready for riders.
Some further progress on the current project, the US cavalry. My method is to undercoat riders and mounts seperately with a coat of black paint into which I mix a few drops of Future/Pledge/Klear floor polish. This has exactly the same properties as an acrylic gloss varnish, but comes in 27 fluid ounce bottles for the price of only two or three ounces of commercial model acrylic varnish. It also mixes with ink and acrylic paint. Adding a couple of drops helps the paint spread easily.
Once this coat is dry, I paint the horses and riders as usual using Vallejo acrylic paints, then attach the riders to their mounts using crazy/superglue. I complete the process with an ink wash and a coat of matt varnish. With luck and a following wind, I should finish these in a couple of days.

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