Monday, April 19, 2010

Off the painting block - 1

The first sixteen figures out of sixty-plus dismounted US cavalry are now painted and varnished. Foot figures never take that long for me since I began using the block system. I also paint to the "Three Feet Rule." In other words, if a detail can't be seen from more than three feet away, it doesn't get painted. It's much easier on aging eyes this way.

Next up are the mounted troops, and they're horses of a different color.
I will replace the guidon staff shown with brass rod. I have no quibble with Dixon's miniatures on the whole, but their white metal alloy is rather soft. Practically breathing on flag staves causes them to bend like a willow rod.
* * *
Incidentally, does anyone know of a US source of horses compatable with Dixon's Miniatures 25mm Plains Wars range? I've tried but they've sold out. Any help will be appreciated.

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