Thursday, April 15, 2010

GASLIGHT goodies

Blue menace! The Spottiswood-Gallant Mk 1 Steamtank

The Spottiswood-Gallant Mk 1 on its travels.

The Spottiswood-Gallant Mk 1 Steam Exploration Vehicle

Commander Hugh R. Hardleigh-Worthit at work.
* * *
And so begins a departure from my normal Seven Year's War imaginations blog! This is intended to be a wargaming/modelling miscellany, filling with material from other periods and eras that grab my attention, plus any other games-related odds and ends that take my fancy.
Shown above are photos of two vehicles I built recently for use in GASLIGHT Victorian SF games. These are for sale, by the way, complete with cargo as shown. I enjoyed making them and will make more!
In case anyone's not familiar with the genre, GASLIGHT rules allow wargames to be fought in the manner of Jules Verne, H G Wells, Rider-Haggard, et al. It's a field of gaming I took an interest in some time ago but I've only recently started to expand my collections to suit.
One of these days I'll launch my Daftest Africa campaign. It'll take place in a pseudo-Victorian steampunkish world where Great (and not so Great) Powers vie with each other and various native peoples to be king of the heap. Needless to say, the would-be Colonial Powers won't have it all their own way. Strange things lurk in the jungles, deserts and the high country, just waiting for stray explorers to pass by. Maybe even a Spottiswood-Gallant Mk 1 steam tank won't be enough to stave off disaster...


Jiminho said...


I have never dabbled in Gaslight but this is delightful stuff! I'd like to take a turn at the wheel of the Spottiswood-Gallant Mk. 1. exploration vehicle.

Good luck with the blog


Bluebear Jeff said...

A very nice start to your new blog, AJ. I've played some GASLIGHT as a straight Colonial set (not using any of the VSF elements) and it was lots of fun . . . but of course the VSF stuff will make it even more fun.

-- Jeff


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