Thursday, April 29, 2010

Off the painting block - 3

Lt. W. W. Cooke leads the way to Greasy Grass.
The mounted figures for the US cavalry I've been commissioned to paint are now complete. I have to say, the task was much easier to paint than most of my previous attempts at painting cavalry, all thanks to the painting block method. I'm not too keen on the Dixon's cavalry mounts, as they seem to resemble shire horses rather than ponies. Only the Lieutenant's mount and that of the guy with his hat folded into a bicorn (at the rear-right) seem to have the right proportions. The photos show the figures shinier than in real life due to the flash. No guidon is fitted; my client will supply his own.
Next up, various dismounted figures of Custer and supporting cast. Someone close to me, who has Blackfoot and Cree blood in her veins, says it's nice to have a dismounted figure of the General. That way the good guys will be able to get at him... ;)



Ah, wasicu mila hanksa...

...Custer didn't make Greasy Grass until it was over - then he shot himself to spare himself the shame of surviving his lost command...

Nice painting method and a great theme. Hope it's ready in time for 25 June 2010 - the 'good guys' will be!


A J said...

Food for thought there about Custer. He's controversial, even to this day.


There isn't one book written by the wasicu that even come close. Best material was written down between 20 - 30 years after greasy grass, by whites, interviewing allies who had participated in the action.
Itz, Tatanka Iyotanka and Tasuke Witko never made a big fuss over it and Itzi actually pointed things out years later. The wasicu never liked their versions so made their own to salve their conscience.
The US government want the 7th Cav guidons back - but wont be getting them any time soon, if ever. Count the number of US flags carried by the allied nations at the head of their summer dance parades - they represent the guidons taken on 25 June 1876.
Nice, very nice.
This is a good project though, something of interest to me - I read your comment regarding the rules system, sounds neat, but I would have to play as the allies, never the mila hanksa.


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