Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday projects

Today was another hot, humid, stormy day, and I decided to work on a couple of projects indoors in air-conditioned comfort rather than face the horrors of a mosquito-riddled garden.

First up is some more work on the VSF Walker...

The gun is a length of aluminium tube cut to length and glued into a Hirst Arts pipe fitting cast in resin. The smokestack is another resin casting. After some thought I decided to glue the gun mounting in place rather than have it so weaponry could be swapped-out. It makes for a stronger model. I'll add a few more small details next, then it'll be ready for painting. The beastie has quite a truculent look to it!

The other project... One thing I have been lacking in my Darkest Africa gaming is slaver casualty figures. Using Sculpy I knocked out the trio below. The musket is a spare from the Wargames Factory plastic Zulu set.

Once I get some more silicon molding material I'll take a mold off them and cast a batch in resin. I may make another trio for more variety.


tradgardmastare said...

Can't wait to see it painted.

Michael Awdry said...

I am seriously impressed!


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