Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Walker, Mr. Lincoln, & Mr. Malkovitch

Well, almost.

More progress on the VSF walker over the weekend. While it was still in its separate components of legs and hull, I spray-undercoated it a khaki green then opted for a richer shade of green for the primary color. In this case it's Americana acrylic craft paints DA230 'Festive Green.' The feet are Americana DA070 'Shimmering Silver' which I dipped in my Pledge/Ink mix to bring out the depth.

Next up will be to add brass paint to details like the knees, hip-caps, view-ports, hatch ring, ventilators, etc. The smokestack will get a brass rim and appropriate soot-marks, and I'll drop some black paint or ink down the gun barrel. Rivets will be applied liberally with the trusty 'Scribbles' 3D paint, in this case their golden-brown, which is near as dammit brass colored. Once these are done, the legs will be glued in place. I intend to give the whole thing an overall wash of green ink mixed with Pledge to give it some depth, then the feet will be glued to two rectangles of clear plastic for stability.

While I waited for various things to dry/set, I got to work on a couple more slaver casualties...

Without any specific intention the pair came out looking like Abe Lincoln and John Malkovitch! Is my subconscious playing games with me, I wonder? This makes for a total of five casualty figures, which I can cast from resin and chop n' change for more variety if so desired.


Michael Awdry said...

It is really taking shape now.

"Chuck" said...

Your sculpting work is impressive!

A J said...

Thanks, gentlemen! I find with sculpting, like anything else, it does get better with practice.


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