Friday, July 17, 2015

Minor Annoyances

It's the Ohio monsoon season still, and I can work indoors in my off-time with a clear conscience instead of wrestling with the weeds encroaching on our vegetable beds. (If you saw some of the types of weed that grow around here, you'd know 'wrestling' with them is required...) At least now I have new shelving and a new cabinet, I was able to clear my gaming table of clutter to the point where I can play on it again. Imagine that!

As you can see, my attempt to update this blog's header went askew. For some reason whenever I try to upload the right-sized image I keep getting 'Failed due to internal error.' Nothing I try seems to work. Does anyone have a tip for getting around the problem?

I'm also in the final stages of the VSF Walker build, with some details to be added to its hull and legs. The trouble is, my camera batteries died and I won't be able to take photos just yet.

Still and all, I'm continually tempted by other projects. This recently caught my eye on Pinterest.

I'm afraid I don't know the artist, but I really like his design. It puts me in mind of Colonel O'Truth's mammoth project, Lord SmudgingtonSmythely Smythe's Hydraulically-Motorvated Sextupedal Land-TraversingVacational Domicile. I'm tempted to make something of this kind, perhaps in a smaller version. Another project for another day.


"Chuck" said...

You may have to go to the "Settings" tab then click "Customize" and play with the width settings for your header. Other than that I'm not sure how to fix the picture-size issue.

Looking forward to seeing your completed walker!

A J said...

Thanks, Chuck! I tried the settings function but it looks like the problem is with the original image. I'll have to work on it again, perhaps on another PC.


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