Thursday, July 8, 2010

Constructing a palisade - 3

So here it is, the African village, complete with palisade. Twenty-five sections between two-three inches in length making up a total diameter of approx. eighteen inches. The tops of the palisade stakes have been painted a very dark gray to represent vitrification. (This process involves scorching the exposed ends of the logs to seal the sap capillaries to prevent water, mold and bacteria getting in, causing the logs to rot).

I've altered the form of the gate since the last picture, as the base warped when I applied the groundwork. The new one is based on a section of quarter-inch foamcore. It's nice and rigid. The paint used is the Craft Smart range, available at Michael's hobby stores. All the basework is made using lightweight spackle.

I'm putting this whole village may go up for sale on eBay in a day or so. Other projects have caught my eye...

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