Thursday, July 29, 2010

Creating a Colonial wargaming setting

Some time ago I found a website devoted to Pulp-style gaming. This group's games were set in and around China Station, a mythical entreport located somewhere on the coast of China during the 20's and 30's. This photograph shows their stunning set-up.

Computer crashes and several other factors resulted in me losing any links to this group's site, but I retained the photo and the inspiration it gave me to try something along these lines for my own, Colonial-era gaming.

What I propose to do - eventually, time, funds and circumstances permitting! - is to create a small settlement, similar to China Station, situated somewhere on the coast of my Daft Continent. A locale where games can be played out in a semi/mini campaign style, featuring military and naval action, and the assorted skulduggery of the Great Game.

Architecture will range through a majority of African and Arab-type dwellings to a few European buildings and facilities. I may well use some African huts in the style I posted earlier for a native suburb or similar. The settlement will expand and develop as I construct more buildings. Some will be replaced or even modified. Being on the coast, it also gives me a chance to model various boats and ships, and to field a naval brigade.

As for gaming in and around the settlement, I'll probably use a mixture of rules. GASLIGHT has my attention at the moment. Although I haven't played these as yet, they seem to be suitable for solo play, and have the flexibility to cope with a variety of weapons and the odd unexpected situation!

All I really need now is a name for the place. I've a few ideas in mind but any suggestions will be welcome.

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Bluebear Jeff said...

That photo is certainly inspiring, AJ. A very nice set-up.

-- Jeff


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