Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Indian mountain gun

A new unit has joined the ranks of my Daftest Africa/GASLIGHT collection in the shape of this small brass mountain gun, crewed by the Indian army. Figures and gun are by Ral Partha.

The crew came in just one pose, so I set to work making some alterations. A trick Peter Gilder showed me years ago is to wrap a scrap of paper or cloth around the head of the figure several times, grip it hard with a pair of pliers and twist, very gently. It doesn't take more than a few degrees to make the figure look in another direction, altering its appearance. Take care not to exert too much force, or the poor chap will be decapitated!

Arms were similarly repositioned, although the left arm of the gunner to the left-rear of the photo needed to be amputated, filed and glued to fit into its new angle. I added a short sword made from hammered brass rod to one figure in order to make an officer for the detachment. He left his scabbard somewhere in the baggage train. Other minor touches included adding wheel wedges to the hands of a couple of figures.

The vegetation in the background came from the gardening section of a local dollar store. Apparently they're intended for flower-arranging purposes, but scattered around on the table they make reasonable bushes. They do need work to look more natural; perhaps a dry-brushing with a lighter green. I'll "have a think" on it.

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