Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A dirigible model for GASLIGHT - part 5

Some better photos of the dirigible, now I've sorted out the camera functions. The model itself is complete. All that needs to be added are the two crew figures. The national marking on the rudder has the right number of stripes but there was no way I was going to paint 35 or so stars without going "batchy" in the process. In the end I settled for a representative trio.

The stand is made from a pair of craft sticks glued in cruciform pattern, with a length of plastic tube stirring stick set vertically to take the end of a kabob skewer. I wrapped paper around the tube to reinforce it and add stiffness. It also takes paint better this way. As a further reinforcement and extra weight I added a rough cone of modelling clay around the base.

So there we have it, a two-man scout dirigible attached to a cavalry command somewhere in the Old West. The craft has seen heavy use, judging from the weathering of the gasbag fabric, but the stars and stripes are kept bright and fresh!

Some thoughts on construction. I think the model turned out okay. It was a learning curve - after all, this is the first dirigible/airship model I've made. There are some things I would (or will) do differently on a similar model. The fins would be about as long but turned 45 degrees to run along the rear of the gasbag, more like historical prototypes. I would also come to a better arrangement for the engines and mountings, as this one is a little weak for a gaming model. The only other thing I would do differently is to make provision for the stand to be inserted in the gasbag. Food for thought - for another time.
Below are four characters from Dixon Miniatures' Old West wagon train collection. The two guys with shotguns are train guards, but the duo of "Cookie" and customer for coffee are my favorite.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Well done, sir. A splendid addition indeed.

-- Jeff

Jiminho said...


This model gets better and better! You have quite obviously solved your camera's focus problems as well, those are very sharp!



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