Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sukiyaki Corp.

Over now to one group that often drops in on Fomor, to "further the company's interests" there. Sukiyaki Heavy Industries has fingers in a lot of pies across human space. Sometimes those fingers probe where they're neither popular nor wanted, which is where these boys (and one gal) come in. Lightly armed and armored, they act in a variety of roles, usually recon or security for company special agents and assets on the ground. Backed by a potent Wakizashi-class recon/support robot, they're usually a match for most opponents.

But that hasn't stopped the Keynes County Militia handing them their heads on a plate on the two occasions they clashed...

Figures again by Ground Zero Games. The robot is a Battlemech (TM etc.) from an unknown manufacturer.

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