Monday, May 3, 2010

Off the painting block - 4

The last batch of figures I'm painting for a fellow gamer are finished. In the photo above are General Custer in two variations, his brother Tom, two officers and a native guide, all by Wargames Foundry. A Dixon's Miniatures guidon bearer lurks in the background. Looking on is a figure I call "Aunt Ella," from Dixon's Old West range. From all accounts Custer no longer wore his hair in long flowing locks as he'd done during the Civil War. Rather it was said to be close-cropped, so the above figures are a touch romanticised.
Next up on the block will be the rest of the gang from the Old West collection, and some ACW Union and Confederate infantry. After that, I have plans for a small, two-man airship for GASLIGHT. Watch this space...



more Wasicu for the allies...

...nice painting mate.

Are there gaming rules for this?


A J said...

Thank you kindly, and yes, there are rules out there. The Pony Wars rules from Tabletop Games is an excellent set, with the player(s) controlling the US cavalry. All native forces and US settlers are controlled by cards and dice rolls. It may seem random, but in nearly all the games I've seen US player(s) really had their work cut out to survive, let alone win. It's a great set for solo play too.

A variation on the rules is the system adapted by Peter Gilder for battles in the Sudan campaign of 1883-5.


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