Sunday, January 27, 2019

On the road to Atbara

The Red Sea column under Major General Graham marched out of Suakin two days previously. It's en-route to the Nile town of Atbara where, depending on circumstances, it will either link up with the Nile column under General Wolseley, or head directly for Khartoum and the rescue of General Gordon.

So far the march has passed without incident. The local tribe, the Hadendowah, has stayed out of range, content it seems to shadow the forces of Empire as they progress. Confronted with a fork in the caravan trail Graham had a choice to make. The first, northerly route leads through the small town of Gebeit, which has the advantage of offering a water supply. The southern is perhaps more direct but offers little in the way of water. Both lead to the Hadendowah's nominal capital of Sinkat.

Mindful of the scarcity of water in this arid region, Graham consulted with Captain DeCosson, his Water Officer, about the state of supplies, then chose the Gebeit track.

The column now approaches Gebeit, and the first signs of opposition begin to appear. Graham orders the column into square, ready to receive whatever mischief the enemy may offer...

Battle is joined. Reports to follow.

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