Tuesday, January 1, 2019

A Return to the Sudan

I hope everyone had an enjoyable New Year's Eve, in whichever manner you like to celebrate it. My wife and I saw the New Year in with friends, with plenty of good food. Today is a day off, I'm quite tired, so I'm taking it easy by sorting through my 6mm Sudan 1885 collection and tailoring a new set of Mahdist encounter cards to suit. Jings, I forgot how many Hadendowah I have! I also made a few Arab buildings.

First of all I cut out some basic shapes from half-inch foam core, along with sections of corrugated card to make the walls. I aimed to make two simple houses and a courtyard house.

Next up, some assembly required. Hot glue to the fore!

Once the card was secure, I applied about a spoonful of spackle, smearing it over all visible surfaces.

It's rough stuff at this stage. Once the spackle had dried, I applied another layer, mixing spackle with white craft paint to smooth out any gaps and to cover the corrugation a bit more.

The next stage will be to give them an ink wash to dirty them up a bit then draw on some doors and windows. Allowing for drying time the whole lot took less than an hour to make. I plan on building a few more basic houses, a mosque, and a generic desert fort next. I'm roughing out an idea for rocky patches of desert, perhaps using old CDs. Watch this space...


Carlo said...

Looking forward to seeing how this progresses A.J. I’m sure you’ll get a stack of work done on this and be gaming very soon!

A J said...

Thanks, Carlo. I'm making progress. :)


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