Thursday, January 10, 2019

A Mass of Mahdists

Well, I've finished basing/rebasing the mass of Mahdist infantry. By breaking the task down to a dozen or so bases a day the chore became more manageable. Somewhere in the fullness of time I'll get a few more Ansar infantry, but for now this little lot seems sufficient to inflict Mahdist mayhem on the Infidel.

I do need to rebase the Ansar riflemen and marksmen, and some cavalry and camel groups. Once those are finished I'll churn out a few more buildings then get the lot on the table for a game.


Michael Awdry said...

What a terrifying sight! Great job A.J.

A J said...

Thank you kindly, Michael! I must admit, when I see that mass descending like a thunderstorm upon the thin ranks of the Imperial Infidel forces I feel a certain frisson of trepidation. There have been a number of games where that feeling proved justified!

Carlo said...

Look absolutely wonderful AJ. What’s the final plan for sizes of forces on both sides etc.?

A J said...

Hi Carlo, currently I have figures equating to over 9,000 Hadendowah and 4,000+ Ansar infantry, five artillery pieces, 1,200 Ansar cavalry, and 3,000 camelry. I'm toying with the idea of bringing both Hadendowah and Ansar up to a nice round 10,000 each.

The Imperial forces are in a bit of a jumble, but I have about seven regiments of infantry plus the mounted infantry battalion of the camel corp. Cavalry comprises the 10th and 19th Hussars and 5th Lancers. Artillery is made up of a couple of screw guns, Nordenfeldts, Gatlings.

The Egyptian contingent is four companies of infantry and a couple squadrons of lancers (a bit early for these, I know). Again, I'm toying with the idea of expanding these a bit, maybe with some artillery and mounted gendarmes. We'll see.


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