Monday, April 3, 2017

Going moldy

Yes, the planets finally aligned and the temperature's about right, so I went ahead and poured the silicone for the six molds made so far. I say the temperature is right - it's within the silicone's working parameters but at the lower end of the scale, which means the mix is a bit stiffer than optimum. In any case, it worked.

Top - left-right, dungeon/diorama items, Dux B. movement tray, Zanzibari slaver casualties. Bottom left-right, bookend base, 1/56 lamppost, ECW casualties.

I had to mix three batches, measuring out the two parts of the OOMOO30 in disposable cups each time, to fill all six molds. Even with this (fairly) accurate measuring system there's still a bit more of one part than the other, hence the colour variations in the photo. Really, it doesn't matter that much. Problems only arise if there's a drastic disparity between the two liquids.

It pays to vibrate the table when the stuff has been poured to force air bubbles from the various tiny nooks and crannies in the master models. If you have a vacuum chamber it's all the better - they can be made relatively easily and cheaply. I use an old electric razor since the vibrations are hard and rapid enough to do a good job.

It takes around six hours for the silicone to set. I'm going to leave them overnight and see what's what in the morning. I have another couple of molds to make, but they'll come in time. Tune in soon to see the results of today's session.


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